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- Adolfo Joaquin

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Vanessa Antonelli

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 Their selection of boutique-y designers like Da-Nang, Frankie B and J'aime by Jaime Pressly + lots of styles as seen in the pages of our favorite magazines.

NessaLee Style
"Dress up with Designer Finds"

Nessa Lee Style

The Interview

 How & When did NessaLeeStyle get started?

Vanessa:  In 2003 I graduated from college. Directly from there I applied for a bunch of PR/entertainment jobs. I did a brief stint in those fields, but wasn’t really feeling fulfilled by any of it. From that point I took my fashion knowledge and got into some personal shopping for women mostly in NY, but also a few in other states and even countries. I really like what I was doing, but missed the excitement of the entertainment industry. That’s when the idea for a career that combined both came to mind. was born…

Styleforfree:  Can you elaborate on your personal story?

Vanessa:  I have a BA in Journalism from Rutgers University. As a little girl I was all about dress up. Tutus, mom’s old gowns, grandma’s beaded necklace…basically anything I could play house in. When I got older I was still into fashion. I loved being the first to have the newest ‘it’ item or finding something unique and different in an off beat store, but I never even considered a career in fashion. It wasn’t until I was out of college that this career became a thought.

SFF:  What's new this Spring on NessaLeeStyle?

Vanessa:  In early April launched phase two of our website. It's been re-vamped for a more mature feel and offers tons of new features and functionality to make the shopping experience a better one for our customers.

SFF: What makes your store so unique and such a fun place to visit?

Vanessa: stocks over 70 brands. Unlike many of the other shopping sites our site is partially devoted to celebrity-worn fashions. This means we carry items that characters on tv shows wear or celebs are seen in at events or in candid everyday photos. Many of our competitors stock items that look like celebrity-worn items, but we carry the actual item (brand and usually color if available).

On our site the shopper can search by category, brand and also celebrity, making it easy and even fun. We also carry many old favorite brands like James Perse and Citizens of Humanity and hard to find brands like One Teaspoon from Australia and American Retro from France. Customers who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them, now do.

SFF:  What's next on your calendar?

Vanessa:  In late April we're sponsoring a release party/fashion show for IFASHIONTV in Los Angeles. We are expecting a great turnout and you will be able to watch interviews and clips from the event on their website, as well as see photos from it on ours. We are also adding some great new fashion related features to NessaLeeStyle in upcoming months.

SFF:  Any inspirational tips or thoughts for those who are starting their own ventures?

 Do your homework! One of the worst things I’ve seen is a lot of young women jumping into business ventures with no experience or assistance from an experienced person. It’s important to have realistic and well thought out plans, otherwise a lot of money could be wasted. Once you have that and feel secure, anything is possible.

SFF:  How would you describe your ideal customer?

Vanessa: Fashionistas of all ages that have an interest in celebrity fashions or just looking good.

SFF:  Any chance our visitors could enjoy an exclusive shopping discount?

Vanessa: Yes! Use coupon code: STYLEFORFREE for 20% OFF anything. Currently no expiration.


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