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Lady In Red
Thursday, January 27, 2005
One click to Julie Hewett's site and you'll be seeing red.  The kind of red she's artistically placed on the faces of Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank and Annette Bening.  The looks from movies like Oceans 11, Spiderman 2 and Pearl Harbor that have shone beyond the silver screen are all thanks to Julie.  Her philosophy in creating her own cosmetics line is that, despite an overcrowded cosmetics market, true classic shades were still missing.  We couldn't agree more.  Editors are raving about the non-drying effects of her petroleum-free Cheekies lip and cheek tints ($20).  We fancy her new signature fragrance, carefully composed of essential oils imported from India all bottled up in a fantastic package that sort of resembles a pepper mill (but far more beautiful).  And we're really mad about her limited edition hatbox set that lets you pick your favorite shimmy, cheekie and lipstick for $55 and arrives at your door in a chic, vintage style hatbox.  Missing the kind of red lipsticks that made the Marilyn's of this world pop before our eyes?  They're a cinch to find at JulieHewett.net.
Julie Hewett Cosmetics
Rock On
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
What do Demi Moore, Christina Applegate, and Brooke Burke have in common?  They're all scooping up Glamajama's line of playfully studded clothing for women, babies, tweens and dogs. The line is setting trends and quickly finding its way into celebrity closets.  Created in early '03 by then first-time mom, Heather Nolte, her styles are creating quite the buzz.  Each of her personality driven designs is set on super soft, comfy fabric.  Who can't help but notice a baby strolling around in a tee that says Drooler or Outlaw?  A "Knockout Tot" walking into their first karate class?  Or a dog roaming the hood in a Rodeo Queen Tee?  Demi's daughters have the "sugar", "babygirl", and "LOVE" tees.  And Paris Hilton's dogs are all glammed to go too.
Glamajama Rock Star baby tee  $28
Brownie Points
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Ever since Jessica Simpson came out with her Dessert line, bathing beauties have been scouting the globe in an effort to locate the ultimate in looks-good-enough-to-eat slather onto my body products, without the trendy price tag.  For an inexpensive, tasty clean treat, all it takes is a point and click over to Pisces Soap.  Just one look at that Decadent Fudge Brownie ($9) and no further explanation is required.  Made with real cocoa powder, each bar's topped off with "powdered sugar" (actually, it's corn starch).   Pisces is the only place on earth where you'll find these fab Conversation Heart Soaps ($7) that make the ultimate Valentine's Gift.  And where else could you possibly find Bake Sale Cupcake Soap or soap that's shaped and smells like a Tasty Cheeseburger or Grilled Cheese? Stop by today and they'll throw a free goody bag in with your order filled with Pisces Soap, Frico stickers, hip hop group Jurassic 5 merchandise and more!  Getting clean has never been so much fun...or as delish.
Brownie Soap from Pisces
Sweet Dreams
Monday, January 24, 2005
Are you suffering from sleeplessness, poor circulation or general tossing and turning at night?  Turn to what over 25,000 medical professionals are recommending across the globe:  A Tempur-Pedic mattress.  Perhaps you've had the opportunity to test one out at your local store but left due to the price tag?  Now is the time to take a leap of faith.  Due to overwhelming popularity, Tempur-Pedic is increasing prices by at least $300 on February 1st.  At Relax the Back you'll find all the styles including the 8" Classic (starting at $999), the 10" Deluxe (shown) and Tempur Pedic's new CelebrityBed, providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort.  Relax the Back also offers 12 month interest free financing making this investment into your health's future far less stressful.  Nix the sleeping pills and begin a brighter outlook on life for many years ahead thanks to a truly restful sleep.
Tempur-Pedic Deluxe Mattress
A Change Will Do You Good
The Weekend Edition 
Any mom will tell you that trying to change baby's diaper on one of those rectangular changing pads provided in most diaper bags these days requires a skill we're simply not born with.  How many times does baby roll off the mat and hit a cold floor (or worse yet, a host's couch) before you can stick the velcro tabs on to fasten the diaper?  Babies were meant to move.  Why someone hadn't thought of this ingenious idea before is beyond us.  Thankfully, Patemm Pads are here to save you!  Available in lots of fun fabrics and colors, these tieless wonders let you lay down your little one any which way you can.   Moms who've used them can't rave enough about how portable and convenient they are.  $20 for a small version with no pockets (24 inches) to $38 for a large size with pockets.  And now there's a Pitaka ($7), which in the Philippines means little purse or pouch.  It serves to hold wipes (in a small resealable plastic bag), small ointments, and whatever else you can think of to make changing a more soothing experience for you and your tot.
Patemm round diaper changing pads
Strike a Pose
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
If there were just one "It Kit" you needed to pick up this year to freshen up and master your look - this is the one!  Scott Barnes Bento Beauty Kit contains everything (and we do mean everything) you need for a completely glamorous look.   4 Illumineye shadows, 2 Hydrating masks with which to prep your skin, 1 super luscious mascara, a pressed powder, pressed bronzer, 2 lip slicks, 2 blushes and 6 tools that put it all on with perfection.  Pricey?  At $165, sure it is.  But we're women, we can easily justify it.  With all the products inside you'd easily drop $200 at Neiman's beauty counter on just 5 of them.  And if he can easily drop a few hundred on a new power tool - why shouldn't your tools be just as worthy?  If it's good enough for stars including Lucy Liu, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson...it's good enough for you too.  Available only at ScottBarnes.com.
Scott Barnes Bento Beauty Box
Solid Gold
The Weekend Edition 
The memories will all come flooding back to you with a few quick clicks around 80sTees.com.  It's where you'll find a plethora of nostalgic tees and accessories from retro favorite movies and tv shows.  We were surprised to learn that our favorite thumb-sucking monkey, Monchhichi, had a collection of 5 snazzy tee's, like her pretty in pink Flower Tee ($20) shown at right.  The orange cookie monster tee worn by Jennifer Aniston on Friends, circa 2004, is here.  Or be adventurous and start your own trend with a colossal selection from other 80's favorites like Alf, Rainbow Brite, Solid Gold, MTV's Remote Control, and Richie Rich.  Shop 80sTees Clearance and you'll find a Caddyshack sweatshirt, Charlottes Web, Mighty Mouse and Beetle Bailey Tees at up to 50% off!
Monchhichi T-shirt
To Market
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
You've heard time and time again that you are what you eat.  Well, your skin is also what you feed it.  Bathe, lather and soap up with 100% vegan skin care containing all natural, real fresh fruits and veggies from Fresh Body Market and love the skin you're in.  Everything in this market is made with honest to goodness organic fresh fruits and vegetables with safe mild preservatives or no preservatives at all. They hand select organic fruits and veggies during weekly trips to Farmers Market.  It's all produced in small batches and, like your milk, each product comes with a 'best used by date' label.   Some of the more intriguing you'll find include their Foaming Milk Bath ($18, shown at top), available in Coconut Milk or Hot Chocolate versions.  And Q-cumber Facial Soap ($7.50, shown at bottom) made with 100% organic cucumbers.  With any order of $25 or more, they'll also include a full size Cherry Papaya "I Can't Believe it's Body Butter" when you use coupon code: AD1 at checkout.  Skin care so fresh it looks and smells good enough to eat!
Fresh Body Market
English Roses
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
By now you've most likely heard of wildly popular The English Roses series of books by Madonna.  An enormous hit with our younger style seekers.  Now your little princess can look like a rose with new clothing and accessories inspired by the book.  Madame Alexander has also masterfully crafted a set of five dolls ($24.95 each, sold separately) straight out of the book.  Binah, Nicole, Amy, Grace and Charlotte (left to right) are ready for hours of play, each with her own removable outfit and completely posable.  Purchase any two and you'll save an extra $15 when you use promotional code: BUYANDSAVE at Nordstrom.  And so Mom won't feel left out on all the fun, click on Nordstrom's Beauty tab and when you treat yourself to $75 or more from the Beauty Department, they'll include a cute terry carryall filled to the brim with lots of deluxe sized samples.
English Roses Dolls
Oh Lucy!
Monday, January 10, 2005
Vera Bradley's got a whole new bag!  Meet Lucy.  She's an uber chic accessory with her rolled handles, zip top, slim profile and stunning tortoise buckles.  Available in a dozen beloved Vera Bradley patterns.  And we're happy to report, a few new ones for Spring, including Bermuda Pink and Blue (shown at bottom) and Nantucket Red and Navy.  That's not all that's new to feast your eyes upon though.  There's also a cute 'Mini' Handbag, checkbook cover, and a sleek new backpack - in patterns both old and new.  Available to order now, they'll begin shipping on January 14th at Peck's Online who will also thrown in a FREE Vera Bradley Journal of Hope with your order of $100 or more.  And/or a free cosmetic case when you order one of these Vera bundles.  Spring never looked so beautiful!
Vera Bradley Spring 2005
Tea at The Ritz
The Weekend Edition
After digging out from a snow storm, nothing warms you up quite like the perfect cup of hot chocolate does.  Save the Swiss Miss for the kids while you indulge your adult senses with MarieBelle's enticingly rich cocoa.  Created by Maribel Lieberman, it's an intense, satisfying hot chocolate powder using only the richest Belgian dark chocolate.  Refrigerate the mix, and this chocolaty treat turns into a dense, luscious pudding.  Only at Harneyteas.com, where you'll step into a far reaching journey of teas harvested from Africa, Russia, Japan, and India.  And where you'll find exclusive blends such as Vanilla Comoro and Hot Cinnamon Sunset.  A best kept secret of The Ritz Carlton, now unleashed for your enjoyment.
MarieBelle hot chocolate
Clean Sweep
Thursday, January 6, 2005
Kids crave organization.  That doesn't necessarily mean they'll hop, skip and jump at the chance to clean up their rooms.  But when you find them some first-rate furnishings they think is 'cool enough', it definitely makes a parents ability to get their children to tidy up on their own far less of a headache.  The clean styles you'll find throughout Modern Seed is just what the pick-up-your-room doctor ordered.  You'll find shelving from Blue Dot, Mini Pooky Rugs by Angela Adams, Coosh Egg Chairs, Tiki Stools, Dwell Baby bedding, and lots of Ugly Dolls that'll place fun splashes of color throughout their rooms.  And to make your visit even more memorable, Modern Seed's offering 10-30% off furniture, rugs, bedding and more throughout the month of January.  Just in time for them to straighten their rooms out during February vacation.
Offi Bench Box now on Sale
You've Got Handwritten Mail
Wednesday, January 5, 2005
So what were your New Year's resolutions?  To lose a few extra pounds?  Exercise more often?  Get organized?  Resolutions are usually best kept when you start with the smaller things in life.  No doubt, you'll experience a world of thanks all year long when you resolve to hand write more notes to friends and family this year.  Think about it.  When was the last time you received a handwritten note?  And didn't it just make your day?  Start spreading good tidings in style with a great selection of fashionable Thank You's from Chelsea Paper.  We fancy the Diva Fashion Thank You's, shown at right, but found over a hundred more whimsical styles with equal panache.
Diva Fashion Thank You Note cards

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