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Are you short on time and at wits' end on where to find the perfect fitting dress for an upcoming event? That extra special gift for a loved one or the best deals for your child's birthday?

Since 1999, has worked with thousands of online merchants and because of our experience day in and day out with these stores, we're more than happy to take a break from coding to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Your request will be emailed back to you, offering several suggestions (typically ranging from 4-8 per item), all linked and ready to click & buy, along with any discount codes and free shipping offers available for those stores. We will happily comb the Net from beginning to end whether you're looking for a specific cosmetic item, fashion, the latest laptop, back to school and college items, wedding favors, flowers & gifts -- any request (with exception to the below) is entirely welcome. Our experienced shoppers are also very handy in finding you low hotel and airfare rates for an upcoming trip - short term or long term.

During the holiday season, we reserve the right to refuse requests for the year's "hottest holiday items". However, we will be offering an an alert service when these items become temporarily available for our best personal shopping customers. We also ask that you please refrain from any adult-oriented requests.

If we can't find what you need, your fee will be promptly refunded with a smile.

All requests will be handled immediately and held in the strictest of confidence.

If your search will take longer than 24 hours, we will let you know immediately.



Simply click on the most applicable fee (below) for your needs. Payment is made through PayPal (which also accepts all major credit cards).

Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent a personal shopper form asking you for applicable sizes, your budget, a description of what you're looking for and other details.
Please include any details our shopper may need (i.e., date of event, is this a rush-based item?), email it back and our shoppers will start working on your request right away.


$9.99 per request /per item *

$18.99 per request of up to 3 items *

$29.99 per request of up to 5 items *

$45.99 per request of up to 9 items *

$64.99 per request of up to 12 items *

* Limitations: Each item will be covered in a detailed HTML report along with 4-8 of the most-fitting suggestions based on your questionnaire answers. Personal shopping requests expire and are considered fulfilled 72 hours upon our receipt of your personal shopping questionnaire (emailed to you upon payment). Each item is subject to a limitation of up to 3 emails back from us (or further digging) or 72 hours (whichever comes last) unless other arrangements are jointly agreed upon. If we are unable to find your item, your payment will be immediately refunded - no questions asked.


Should you have any questions before choosing to conduct your personal shopping, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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